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Sunyoung  Kim
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B.F.A in Sculpture, Ewha Womans University

M.F.A in Sculpture, Graduate Ewha Womans


Solo Exhibition 22th

-2020  VESSEL  (Sheraton Seoul Palace Gangnam,


-2019  Kim Sun Young Solo exhibition

      (Chunghakdae Museum, anseong)


-VISIBLE INVISIBLE (Son’s gallery, Zurich, Suisse)

-2016  Kim Sun Young Solo exhibition  (Sarangart

      Gallery, Seoul)

-International Sculpture Festa  (Seoul Art Center,


-2015  SEE/LOOK/WATCH (Ray Gallery, Venezia


-SEE.LOOK.WATCH / International Sculpture Festa 

      (Seoul Art Center, Seoul)

-2014  Kim Sun Young Solo exhibition  (Gallery We,


-International Sculpture Festa  (Seoul Art Center,


-2013  MANIF (Seoul Art Center, Seoul)

    ‘The Salt Vessel’ – International Sculpture Festa 

      (Seoul Art Center, Seoul)

-2011  ‘The Salt Vessel’ - Qingdao Contemporary            Modern Art Fair (China Qingdao International

      Convention Center, Qingdao)

Two man show  

2018   ’MOUM’-Sculpture meets fashuon ( K&Pgallery, New York USA)

2013   ’Remembering Etude’  (Rina gallery, Seoul)

2017   Between (abc gallery, seoul)


Group Exhibitions 230th

Selected Collections


My works are, aside from the difference in materials and forms, ultimately about exploration of the body. They contain stories about the ideal created by bodily relationships.

 My recent works talk about life to be pursued by our bodies through forms of daily articles such as bags, clothes and rings. Such forms suggest a new vision to be shed on top of common ideas. As every human being is alone, satisfaction of self would be the greatest personal value, but this can only be achieved when people are together. As Rick Warren said, ‘What do I want to be? What do I need to do? What is my dream for my goal, my ambition, and my future? If we only focus on the self, we can never find the true purpose of life as if someone busily running on top of a spinning board,’ I can find the biggest satisfaction only by setting my vision on others and truly be together with them.

Works made of resin as the main material combined with salt, marble, crystal, tree, water and objet are media that symbolize the body with flesh tint. Various atypical scratches and bumps are found on the surface, which allude to scars, times, strata, and traces of life recovered from personal history. They also symbolize the worldly desires. Salt (marble) is place on top of them. The meaning of salt here is in line with that of light. If light were to brighten the dark world, salt purifies the world.

 The agonies on the purpose of life have been a subject that perplexed people for several millennia. The cause of the confusion was because the agonies begin from within ourselves. We at times throw questions as follows: ‘What do I mean to become?’, ‘What shall I do?’ or ‘What’s my dream for my purpose, my ambition and my future at last?’. However, if we focus only on ourselves, we cannot find the true purpose of life at all just like a person who keeps running along a rotating plate vainly.

The Purpose Driven Life / RICK WARREN

 What is the most important thing

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