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Daeha Kwon
Daeha Kwon.jpg

Graduated from Hongik Graduate School of Art

Studied at the Art Students League of New York

22 Solo Exhibitions

-NYA Gallery 2020(New York, U.S.A., Upcoming)

-Walter Wickiser Gallery(New York, USA)

-Gallery Doo(Seoul, Korea)

-Seoul Arts Center(Seoul, Korea)

-Hyundai Art Gallery(Seoul, Korea)

-Gallery Savina(Seoul, Korea)

-Insa Art Center(Seoul, Korea) etc.


Over 300 Group Exhibitions and Art Fair

-LA Art Show 2020(LA Convention Center, LA,


-14 C Art Fair 2020(Hyatt Regency Hotel, New

     Jersey, U.S.A., Upcoming)

-NYA Gallery 2019(New York, U.S.A.)

-Spring Collections 2019(K&P Gallery, New York,


-Art Busan 2019(Busan, Korea)

-The 7th Myeongdong International Art Festival

     2019(L7 Myeongdong Hotel, Seoul, Korea)

-LA Art Show 2016(LA Convention Center, LA,


-Narrations of Inner Space 2016(Gallery d’Arte, New

     York, U.S.A.)

-Asia Contemporary Art Show 2015(Hotel Conrad,

     Hong Kong) etc.


Currently, member of Korean Fine Arts Association, Korean Association of Figure Painting Artists, New Art Exhibition, Seoul Fine Arts Association, Jung-gu Fine Arts Association


All the cities on the earth always fascinate me. And I’m fascinated by them all the time. That’s the only reason why I have been devoting my lifetime to painting cities. Just as William Blake said in his poem Auguries of innocence, cities present me with the guidelines of the infinite possibilities which can help “Hold infinity in the palm of my hand. And eternity in the hour.” as a sign of the artistic innocence.

Frequently, Cities are represented as a harsh world filled with futile despair of people today who can not help experiencing reification and human alienation. In contrast, I’d like to talk about cities which warm up city people suffering from existential loneliness and provide consolation, eventually bringing hope back to their everyday lives.

In the hardest time of my life, it was the light on the streets that could make me rise from the ashes of despair, get hope, and encourage to set new goals for myself, just like stars twinkling up in the sky, especially vehicles' headlights beam toward them raining or after the rain, dynamic lights of street lamps.

I am willing to change with challenging spirit because the first mover of life is the one who can change oneself drastically. In the years to come, cities that fascinate me and make me fascinated will always shine brightly with lights, a token of hope in my artworks.

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