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Esther Shim

Orange Coast College.(Fine Art) - Coasta Mesa, Ca, U.S.A

Coastline College.(Fine Art)- Newport Beach.Ca, U.S.A.

Korea University.-- Seoul, Korea.

Studied Tae Ho Kang's Art Studio.

Solo Exhibitions

2016.Corner Gallery.Huntington Beach.Ca.U.S.A.

2014.Corner Gallery.


Group Exibition 

2019.Parkview Gallery.La.Ca.U.S.A

2019.Paris. Rewan.France.

2019.Gallery Du Arte.U.S.A

2018. Coastline Art Gallery.

2017. -- 2010.  19 times.

I love nature. And I find inspiration from nature and I express it.

Its deversity and perfection give me endless admiration and wonder in my heart .  Color always becomes my subject of study, and I strive to have those colors that go through series of processes in various expressions, such as scratching, over painting, scraping, and stamping, try to make transparently until the end.

Every object has it's own unique scientific and musical rhythem and it maintains the most stable from without losing peaceful harmony and consistency. This belief of mine is what my drowing pursues and  it makes me endure and contemplate.

If people can see and feel my energy and emotions through  outcomes that have gone through me, then my wish is fulfilled

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