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Taehee Han
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Grand Art Exhibition of Korea - Minister of Culture and Tourism Awards (National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea)


Individual Exhibition & Booth Exhibition

-Art Figuratif Booth Exhibition 2019, 2006 (Seoul         Arts Center, Seoul, Korea)

-Global Art Fair Singapore 2019 (Marina Bay Sands

   Convention Center, Singapore)

-Gwangju International Art Fair 2017 (Kim Dae-jung

   Convention Center, Gwangju, Korea)

-A&C ART FESTIVAL 2015 (Hangaram Art

   Museum, Seoul, Korea)

-Exhibition of Korean artists 2011 (Hangaram Art

   Museum, Seoul, Korea)


   Center 706 Hall, Beijing, China)

-International Art Expo Malaysia 2009 (MECC

   Center, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)


Group Exhibition & Invitation Exhibition


-Korea Live Art Fair 2017 (Honfleur, France)

-'Colours of Asia' 2014 (Bentara Budaya Art

    Museum-Bally, Indonesia)


    2012 (Bally, Indonesia)

-Asia Biennale-5th New Expression of Art Exhibition

    2010 (National Art Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand)

-Spirit Asia 2010 (Scola Art Center, Yihaodi, Beijing,


-World Art Federation Membership Exhibition 2008

    (Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea)

-International Art Fair Busan 2008 (Busan Cultural

    Center, Busan, Korea) 

-"Existence and Illusion", The 5th Gwangju Biennale

     2004 (Gwangju Museum of Art, Gwangju, korea)

Until now, I had selected trees and flowers as subjects and painted them so that extinction and production, or the cycle of nature, can be seen on one screen. Then, I learned the seriousness of environmental destruction through various media outlets recently, and that many animals on Earth have already been wiped out or destroyed in the wild. Knowing that the protected animals are also in critical condition, the idea was to record a number of animals that may soon disappear, and to further inform many people of the current seriousness of the animals being extinct due to environmental damage.
A work to this effect is called "Soon" that will be featured at the "2020 LA Art Show." The lioness was trapped in an artificial space, and another lion (an animal) outside the screen was roaring at death by humans.
This work is the first attempt to express endangered animals in my own way, and it is a sign of a change from the original material and expression.

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